Saturday, July 23, 2011

Projek Aaqilah

For Aaqilah's birthday, I've decided to go with Red Velvet cupcakes. Been dying to try this for quite some times, but haven't really had the opportunity until this one came. For here little occasion at school, I had to prepare for 100 cupcakes and made her a cake too. It's not a complete birthday celebration until someone blows her candles and finishes with cake cutting, is it?

The best topping for red velvet is surely cheese cream, they compliment each other really well. Knowing kids, I opted for buttercream as I was well aware that some kids or maybe most of them won't appreciate cheese cream as much as we do.

Couldn't think any better of the decorations, and awe-inspiring one from Hummingbird's.

Red velvet cupcakes

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